MY NAME….. by anonymous

Come walk with me whilst you are young and free
and boredom is on my side
i will show you a place that not all can see
a place filled with beauty and peace and to be
there is relief from the worries of life.

This place can be found again and again
if you walk with me it will be easy to see
and your pleasure will grow more intense
no pain can be found at this secret place
and the world will make sense and seem loving.

But a time will come when this place disappears
and cannot be found after all these years
lost somewhere in time my friend
and your endless fruitless search for it
will drive you on to a most bitter end.

Along the way you shall lose many a friend
all good will dissolve as you live with your fears
marriage and the home are certainties to disappear
honesty and ambition are dealt a huge blow
as you continue the search but with nowhere left to go.

In their place will come fear and a tortured mind
as you seek out the place you still can’t find
the search for this place gets tiring you see
and the refuge you find will not come easy
as hospitals and jails are certain to beckon.

The asylum is waiting as the pain gets intense
on this journey to nowhere that you have commenced
you may not survive the ordeal my friend
for the track gets narrower and without a bend
you can see your destiny as death.

If help comes in time you may be as lucky as me
to escape this madness and to be set free
from the turmoil and pain the fear and the grief
that i will show you now if you come walk with me
i am an addiction you see and my name is Al Cohol.